How Not to Turn Packing for College into Apocalypse

Our goal is to collect the most significant pieces of information in one place. The packing process is hard not only because of the organizational issues but also because of the emotions that attack you. It is exciting and at the same time sad to leave your parents’ house. But let’s not think about that. Here are 3 quick suggestions for you to start our blockbuster.

  • You can’t avoid the stage of writing a list, you know that. We suggest you use categories to make it less messy and easier to navigate. You can write it on a piece of paper or on your phone, whichever approach is more convenient for you.
  • We are not done with the lists just yet. Do not forget to create one naming the things you need to buy. You can then decide whether to buy them in advance or once you get there.
  • Try to organize a gradual moving process so that you do not start running chaotically around a week before the date you actually go away.

Fashion Icon

The most common tip you can get is to pack the wardrobe only for the current season. You will have more free space and won’t make a mess out of your closet. The best way to organize your outfits is to make sure most of the pieces match up. Be rational and do not bring those pair of pants that match only with that one shirt. Think about the occasions that you might experience during the studying process and bring only the clothes that are relevant.

Bring only the shoes you are actually going to wear. If you have a pair of uncomfortable but very pretty shoes you never wear in your closet, the chances are you are not going to wear them in college. Take something that is comfortable and matches most of your outfits. You won’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear in the morning and if those sneakers match those jeans.

How Not to Bring Any Excessive Things

Learn what the school provides so that you don’t bring it in vain. The thing you will most likely need, though, is a mattress topper if you want to have a sound sleep in your room. Your back will be grateful.

One more thing that will immensely increase the level of your comfort is a long phone charger. You do not know where exactly the electrical outlet will be situated in your dorm room. Along charger will let you move around the room freely while your phone is charging.

Some medicine should be a part of your list as well. You never know when you might need it so it’s better to always have it just in case. You do not need to buy everything you see in a drug store, only some basics. Now, let’s take a quick look at other categories on your list.

Decor. You want to make your dorm room feel homy but also you want to make the decor you bring functional. Pack in some pictures, posters, blankets that are homelike. The first couple of weeks everything is going to seem strange and unfamiliar to you so it’s a good idea to have something that reminds you of your previous experience. Personalize your dorm room and be creative. You are free to organize everything according to your personal preferences.

Kitchen staff. Do not take all of your favorite mugs and plates with you as you won’t need all of them. Be objective and honest when packing and ask yourself if you really need to have 5 plates of different sizes in your dorm room. What you might need is a reusable water bottle. In that way, you will stay hydrated all day long. You will help the environment by refusing to use plastic bottles and will be able to make naturally flavored drinks. Adding a piece of lemon or orange will result in a nice refreshing beverage.

School supplies. The best idea is to wait until you’ve had your first classes. Your teachers will suggest what is required and you can then buy all the necessary notebooks and paper.

Leisure books. You won’t simply have time to read them. There will be many textbooks to go through. Besides, it is highly doubtful that you will spend the moment of your free time reading fiction books beyond the recommended literature list. Most probably you will spend it on hanging out with new friends and relaxing on your bed with a slice of pizza in your hand.

Toiletries. There is a simple explanation of why you don’t want to bring all of your shampoos, hair conditioners, etc. with you. It is easier to buy them then let them take up the precious space in your luggage. Additionally, avoid bringing too many towels with you as you won’t use all of them.

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