Why College Is Not Only About Rainbows and Butterflies

Every soon-to-be college student dreams of what kind of life is going to be like after leaving the parents’ home. You may be fantasizing about having total freedom and the possibility of doing anything you want. Your adult life may seem full of exciting things. However, it is important to keep in mind its negative aspects as well to be prepared. Here are some of them along with our tips on how to overcome these possible obstacles.


The central idea you need to keep in mind throughout the years of studying is that you need to have a rest from time to time. It is easy to get into the whirlpool of numerous classes, exciting parties, and massive projects. When your life is full of various events it is hard to stop and take a deep breath. However, that is something you need to keep moving forward. Do not let yourself forget than even a casual walk through a park can recharge your batteries.

Lacking time

College allows you to realize what the lack of time means. You will get too many assignments, will have to attend too many classes, and will have to do too many things at once. Obviously, it is going to be difficult to squeeze all the activities you have planned in a day because it has only 24 hours in it. The popular solutions are to sacrifice some of those activities or sleep less than you normally do. Both of them have noticeable drawbacks. What you can do in this situation is to have a critical look at all the points in your to-do list and decide if all of them are equally important. It is also the best time to demonstrate your managerial skills and start delegating tasks to others (if you have this opportunity, of course).

Wasting time

It would be wrong to ignore another apparent problem correlated with time – procrastination. When there are too many assignments piling up on your desk you don’t believe it is possible to cope with all of them. This is when you lose faith and do nothing. You look for any kind of activity that can distract you from doing something you need to – surfing the web, chatting with your friends, watching episodes of a new TV series, etc. To avoid distractions, make a schedule. It will show you that you have enough time to cope with everything no matter how unrealistic that may sound like.


It seems improbable that you can feel lonely surrounded by hundreds of other students. Nonetheless, there will be times when you will think that nobody gets you and you are completely alone in this big and unjust world. Naturally, you will feel homesick and miss your parents. The only thing you can do is to see them more often. Thanks to modern technological advancements, you can video chat with your family if you are too far away and can’t go home regularly. Try to find someone who will support you during this time and give you the warm embrace you need.

Health issues

Even though you are young and full of energy, it does not mean you always feel fantastic. Your organism can indeed resist infections better while you are young but there is still a risk of harming your health. If you do not eat healthy food and ignore having a healthy sleep, you are not helping your immune system at all. The least you can do is to try to follow the simple rules of eating fruits and vegetables and having an 8-hour sleep.

No friends

You might feel a huge pressure because of the necessity to find your best friend somewhere around the campus. You often hear stories of how someone met someone in college and they became best friends for the rest of their lives. You expect to meet that special person who is going to share your interests and have a similar sense of humor. Naturally, you get upset if that does not happen. We suggest you do not have any expectations when you leave home for college. You might meet great people there who will become your support. It is great if you do but there is also nothing bad if you don’t. You will have plenty of opportunities to find your faithful friends in the future.

No love and affection

It is hard to imagine the years in college without a love story. However, it does not mean that you necessarily will fall in love with someone. Again, it is all about your expectations. Believe it or not, but college is not the best place to get involved in a romantic relationship. If you remember the points we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article, you will experience a constant lack of time and exhaustion. Add romance to this mixture and your immune system is not going to be happy about it. Nevertheless, if you meet the person that will wake up those butterflies in your stomach, do not miss the chance to have that wonderful experience.

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