What Can You Invent that Hasn’t Been Invented Yet, or Technological Discoveries: the Past, the Present, and the Future

It is quite often that you can hear people saying that everything humanity needs has already been invented. We’re surrounded by all kinds of gadgets that saves us a great amount of time and efforts while coping with our everyday duties. It’s impossible now to imagine what was it like to live without a cell phone or the internet, and we start taking all of this development of technology for granted. So, is there a need to study at the universities if there’s a low probability of inventing something else that will be necessary for the humankind? Of course, there is. We shouldn’t forget that we are living in the era of technological advancements and something amazing is being invented almost every day. Some of them will definitely have a tremendous impact on the lifestyle of future generations. So, let’s have a quick view on the most significant discoveries of the past and the present, and also take a sneak peek into the future. What kind of inventions have a good chance to become a real breakthrough? Read carefully, maybe you’ll be a part of some of them!

The Past. What It All Started with…

The geniuses from the past came up with astonishing discoveries that made it possible for us to become more educated and technologically equipped. So, what are those inventions of the past that shaped our modern way of life?


The invention of a simple wheel had a great influence on our everyday life. It is used not only for your transportation in a comfortable vehicle but also for functioning of numerous mechanisms, like centrifuges, combustion and jet engines, power plants, etc.

Mass Printing

Printing press gave people an opportunity to receive tons of useful information and educate themselves. Before this invention, books were the privilege of the rich, but mass printing decreased the books prices and spread the knowledge all over the world.


Such inventions as telephone, radio and television changed our lives dramatically. It would be a real nightmare to imagine a day without a cell phone and watching live news from around the world. We’ve become more connected than ever and have to be thankful to the inventors of the past who made it all possible.

The Present. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

All of our modern inventions would have been impossible to make without the efforts those brilliant minds from the past had spent to make our lives better. Let’s have a look at the way we manage to improve the heritage we were left with.

3D Printing


It opened almost infinite possibilities because there are hundreds of 3D printing implications one can think of. Starting from printing implants used to save lives of people to building cars and even steel bridges. We don’t know where this invention may lead us, but its importance can’t be underestimated.

New Age Healthcare Technology

Guys at Google not only help you to find anything you might be interested in on the web but also take care of your health. They’ve come up with a cancer-detecting pill that will be able to attach its particles to the cancerous molecules in one’s body and notify him of the results. They also invented contact lenses that can monitor blood sugar levels. The humanity is taking small steps to reach the point where there will be no place for any mortal disease.

Turning Air into Water

It’s amazing how living in the 21st century some countries still experience some major difficulties with clean drinking water availability. Fortunately, Jonathan Ritchey has come up with a watermill that converts air into fresh water. It’s now also available to those who maintains an Eco-friendly lifestyle and would like to spare some money on clean water.

What the Future Holds?

Now it’s time to look into the future and imagine what our world could look like in 5-10 years time.

C4 Photosynthesis

This process engineers have been working on lately will allow them to increase the plant’s growth and make the process more productive. It means that in the nearest future there will be an opportunity to feed more people and conquer the issue of famine.

Conquering Neurological Diseases

The human brain remains to be a mystery for the modern scientists. A new method of growing human brain cells can shed some light on it and help find effective treatments for current neurological disorders. Scientists are now studying the growth of brain organoids to solve the mysteries of such diseases as schizophrenia, autism, etc.

Is it a phone? A camera? A game device?

It’s everything you want it to be. Brandon Taylor has invented a device that can turn into a phone, camera, and much more depending on the way you hold it. There will be no need in collecting multiple gadgets and buying more and more of them because you’ll have everything at one place.

Looks incredible, doesn’t it? We’ve come so far in our technological development and have no reason to stop. It doesn’t matter what career you choose for yourself, you may become a contributor to one of such inventions. And meanwhile, we’ll help you to cope with your writing assignments so that you could have more time for your more important projects.

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