The Best Homework Help App

Most of you can argue that there is no such a thing. Every app has its own drawbacks and can’t help with all the assignments. That might be true but you can download as many helpful applications as you need to cope with homework faster and get better results. Looking for the best homework help app can be tricky but we’ve decided to give it a try. Here you’ll find various apps that can help you with various subjects.

The modern students are so lucky and they don’t even know about it. Some years ago we couldn’t even dream about a device that could solve any math problem for us in just a couple of seconds. All we had was a calculator. Photomath can scan any math problem and show you the solution immediately. The best part is that it recognizes handwriting as well. All you need to do is to point your phone towards the equation you are struggling with and you’ll get the answer.

Wolfram Alpha
If mathematics is your passion and you wish to dig deep into its secrets, this homework help app is something you can’t live without. It is aimed at solving the high levels of math problems. If you need to get a step-by-step solution to understand the way a particular kind of problems should be solved, this is what you should be looking for.

To be able to solve any math problem, you need a good calculator. This app is exactly that. If sine and cosine are not just words for you and you know how to solve the math problems, this is a must-have app for you.

The problem all the students have except for having a lot of homework assignments is the lack of time. They do not have the best organizational and time-management skills and it often results in stress and low GPAs. iHomework can make a student life easier by keeping everything under control. You will see the list of all the assignments you need to do, their deadlines, etc. Nice and easy-to-use app.

If you learn a foreign language (or several of them), you need a quick and helpful app for translating new words. You can translate words, phrases, and texts with its help in ninety languages. You can also listen to the pronunciation of the unknown words to learn them.

Khan Academy
There might be a topic you’d like to learn more about or better understand it. At Khan Academy, you can find more than 10, 000 videos on various topics. There is no homework and you can learn with pleasure.

This app represents a collective mind working to solve math and science problems. You can ask to help you with any assignment and you’ll get an answer from someone who is good at that particular subject area. It is a crowdsourcing app and develops really fast.

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