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I have pursued a Bachelor’s degree course in psychology from Argosy University and my graduation is due in a short while. In my field of operation, I have acquired enough skills and knowledge to deal with children, disabled people as well as adults. The skills I have acquired from my coursework have given me a high potential of delivering high-quality work. This arises from both academic work and personality traits which are necessary for the psychology field. Some of these include patience, communication skills and ethics which are required in service delivery. I also recognize the necessity of holding confidentiality regarding patient’s issues as an ethical factor. I am thus an excellent person able to deliver good results in the field I have studied. My main field of operation is helping people who have encountered mental health complications. I have what it takes to provide them with exemplary services with a major aim of helping them recover and enjoy their lifestyles.

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Apart from my academic skills and qualifications, I have also participated in major health activities involving this kind of people. I have worked as a therapist during my internship at various medical facilities. My activities revolved around helping the affected people to regain their normal social positions or even get better than before. I have counseling skills which when combined with therapy skills make me the right person for the job. As I graduate from Argosy University I am certain and confident that I have what it takes to deliver high-quality services. There is also the aspect that I have worked in psychosocial rehabilitation centers a practice which has opened my career. Individual counseling is another practice which has enhanced a close connection between me and my clients.

These aspects make me the right person for this job immediately I step out of Argosy University after my graduation. The experience I have obtained in these operations amounts to almost two years which places me in a better position of delivering a healthy customer service. Based on personality, character and work ethics, I have what it takes to deliver good results in my field of operation. By the time I graduate from Argosy University, I will be able to take official duties and responsibilities. I am aspiring to work hard and help people experiencing various psychological issues. I am aspiring to work in the Department of Veterans Affairs for purposes of offering the support needed by officers after their operations. This is one psychological support they require after encountering engaging in some tough situations while at war. Most of these officers encounter some traumatizing situations thus affecting the stable states of their minds.

They encounter different health complications but in most cases, it’s the trauma they experience after losing their friends. The knowledge I have acquired will allow me to deliver quality services for the health benefit of these officers. The necessary support required by veterans will be delivered effectively to help them live better lifestyles even when they are retired from their military operations. Returning to their psychological operations will be necessary for them to recover their mental and psychological health back. With the knowledge I have acquired from Argosy University, I am confident that I will deliver quality health care services. Most of these operations will involve therapies and psychosocial rehabilitation to help people who have obtained psychological complications.

In order to deliver quality services, in the long run, I will make efforts to improve and strengthen my skills. A successful completion of this action plan will make it easy for me to meet the mental health needs of my patients in I am offered the job. I focus to participate in rehabilitation and therapy refresher courses. This aspect will enable me to deliver quality therapies and rehabilitation services thus improving the welfare of my patients. Participating in refresher courses will make it easy for me to come to terms with the current emerging issues in the world today. Another strategy will be to ensure that I am always operation in my field so that all my skills can be effectively applied in my line of operation. I will thus improve my skills by keeping in touch with any emerging development in dealing with mental health complications. This will be necessary for me to come up with a clear understanding of the patient’s complications. This understanding is essential as it will initiate the application of effective therapy and rehabilitation services.

The psychology program in the Department of Veteran Affairs will be effective only if a fully qualified person is given the position. I believe that I am that person and will thus assist the veterans in their recovery and well-being. The connection and ability to create a strong bond with the patients will enable them to recover from the traumatic experiences. The use of high-quality training in this field will be effective in producing highly skilled psychologists to help the patients facing mental health complications. An effective application of these services will make service delivery in the psychological field more efficiently.

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