Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

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The references that I have include in the book give a close look on the life history of Abraham Lincoln and his famous leadership skills exhibited by the writers of the sources. The writers have given the close look at the speech that has given United States of America. The sources have also a close look of the aspects of human equality during the reign of the president. Human rights have also been given a priority during the assessment of Abraham Lincoln leadership aspects. The authors have also taken into consideration of the principles that define humanity meaningfully. All human beings have the right to live in harmony and in the statesman spirit. The authors on the other had have taken a step further to compare and contrast the speeches made by the president and the human equality aspect in them. The comparison has made them rate the speech as the history maker speech and rate it as the most famous speech made by the American president.


The Gettysburg Address seems to be a presentation that was given by the former United States of America president. Abraham Lincoln delivered the speech during the American internal civil war. The speech was delivered on the Thursday afternoon in November 19th in the year 1863. The event was the dedication of Americas’ soldiers’ national cemetery in the city of Gettysburg in Pennsylvia. This marked the period of four and half months after the defeated armies of confederacy were defeated in the battle of Gettysburg (Foner 3).

Abraham delivered the greatest speech that was rated highly in the American record of speeches. He carefully crafted the address and made fantastic secondary presentations on that particular day. The speech made the American history. The opening remarks of the speech touched on the principles that define humanity. These opening remarks took the first two minutes of the speech of the famous Abraham Lincoln. The aspects of humans being equal that were achieved through the fight for independent. United States of America was then declared as independent and the civil wars were stopped to proclaim the unity that was almost taken by the secession crisis. This marked the birth of freedom in the state. The independence brought the birth of freedom in the states as it was referred later on in the united states of American history. Human equality to all citizens was emphasized. Lincoln also went a mile further to define United States of America’s civil war as that was meant to give the right definition to human equality in the continent (Gabor).

The famous beginning of a unique now-iconic phrase “Four score and seven years ago,” making a direct reference to the Declaration of Independence book , written by different authors in the early years at the beginning of the United States of American Revolution in 1776, Lincoln analyzed and checked very carefully the founding principles and guidelines of the United States of America while focusing on the Civil War that engulfed the unity of the people, and memorialized and remembered the sacrifices of statesmen and women. These people gave their lives in the fight of freedom at Gettysburg and adorned virtues and the characters for the listeners and all the states that made the nation of the American union to ensure the survival and co existence of United States of America’s representative and demonstration of democracy, that stated that a government guided by democratic ideals, would not disappear from the earth if the people are united to fight together. The seven years was later referred to as the period when the fore fathers of the American freedom fighters brought forth the nation of the American continent and transformed it into a new nation that had been obtained and conceived in the pregnancy of liberty and dedication of the selected few citizens who wanted to see the leadership come from the people they knew. This marked the creation of a new mentality that all men and women are equal. This definition gave a true and actual representation of democracy in the state of America in the leadership of Abraham Lincoln (Johnson 2) .

The fact that the speech was prominent and a history maker in the United States of America, and also considerations of the culture of the people of American union, the exact word choice and location of the prominent speech was disputed. The sources of the speech differ in very many different details. The wordings were different despite the many manuscripts that were referred to. The reference manuscripts were five in number. The modern scope of scholarship provides the speakers’ podium in a distance of more than 40 yards when making a representation of the prominent speech of the United States of America’s history. The view was from the traditional site based on the boundaries of soldiers’ national cemetery. The event took place at the largest monument of soldiers in the United States of America. This event was made private and the location of the real site was Evergreen Cemetery(Johnson 2).

The engagement in the great civil war by the Americans was actually a test of the stability of the nation in terms of the safeguarding of the human rights and equality of the human race in the country. This was to make the dedication of the nation in the conception of the human rights and human equality and the leadership techniques of the American leaders. The nation met on the battle field of the war and made an achievement by taking a positive step towards the human rights and equality aspects. The speech also marked the respect and remembrance of the fighters who lost their lives in the battle field. This is the reason why the event took place in the cemetery to remind the leaders of the heroes and heroines who lost their lives and gave them the freedom that they are enjoying that particular time. Due to respect, the citizens should uphold the virtues that the fore fathers had inculcated earlier on in the culture of the people (Guelzo).

The speech was brief and to the point. The larger sense being emphasized is dedication and consecrate on the real ground. The brave, living and dead men who struggled had to be accorded respect for their actual statesmanship they showered. This added power to the poor power practices showed by the colonialists. The work for the living now is to complete the unfinished work of the statespersons who dedicated their lives to work for the nation. The president urged the citizens to respond to the call of actual working for the nation.

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