How Krakeuer portrays the story of Christopher McCandless

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The story of Christopher McCandless reverberates with chills when it comes to the understanding of human objectives and true nature of existence. The story of McCandless is portrayed by Krakauer as a shadow of understanding oneself and the general societal expectation. A young law graduate from a well to do family abandons the worldly materials and life comforts to embark on an odyssey of self enriching expedition that turned tragic. The story leaves the reader emotionally touched with lingering questions to comprehend the motives behind the adventure that was undertaken by McCandless.

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Krakauer’s serialization of McCandless tragic tale is accentuated with dramatic analysis of life and aspiration of a young man. His life and death as depicted in the book is ironical and leaves the reader to wonder and castigate the drive that eventually caused the life of a young trained lawyer. After his graduation, the twenty four year old McCandless decided to donate his life saving of $ 24,000 to charity and decided to live with nature and cut ties with humanity.

He cuts the communication with his parents, but wrote letters to friends and acquaintances he met during his epic journey. The emotionally charged story leaves the reader to wonder what could have happened to McCandless while growing up with his parents and a sister in the outskirts of Washington, D. C. Upon graduation, the young McCandless disappeared in Alaska’s countryside to live with nature. His family tried to trace him through the help of a private investigator but to no avail. Cutting the link with the society that was close to him especially family members and embarking on a solitude lifestyle with no contacts during his tragic voyage depicted him as a man who was flabbergasted with his family set up, and associated himself with nature in order to rediscover his life. In the wilderness, he torched a few notes he had in his wallet later to suffer from hunger that compelled him to eat wild fruits and a poisonous substance that caused his death. He did not leave a suicide note, and this reflected that he truly wanted to live in an eminent death beckoning environment.

Character: McCandless is depicted in the book as having the persona of Alexander Super tramp, a strong young man who decided to face nature’s unforgiving weather after cutting the link with the humanity. He decided to beat all odds facing the terrain and the unforgiving landscape of Alaska wilderness to discover the true meaning of life. He was elated to fend for himself and interact with nature. By turning his back on his family and eventual loneliness and death, he became a romantic and enigmatic figure in American history. Corollary analysis depicts McCandless as a loser that after sustaining the unforgiving natural humiliations of cold weather and lack of food decided to reunite with the humanity but failed. He then decided to stay put and waited for his death only to be discovered a few weeks later lifeless in a truck. He failed to live to the person of Alexander Super tramp that he claimed to have been.

Emotions: The tragic but self invited death of McCandless leaves the reader emotionally charged in understanding how a well educated person from able background decided to abandon material wealth to succumb to hunger in the wilderness. The reader grieved with family and friends who hired a private entity to search for their son. However, they found him later by a hunter with a note explaining his actions. He tried to avoid death from hunger by trying to connect with the humanity, but nature did not allow him. The burning of the money he had and feeding on the wild fruits can be translated to mean that money and material wealth separate people from the actual meaning of life.

Cinematography: The epic journey of a dejected individual and the anguish that his parents went through during the period of his disappearance and eventual death was shot in a tensed and long narrative. Emile Hirsch, in the drama survival movie acting as McCandless, the family cast, and the supporting cast acted in a movie based on a true life story whose motives and real intentions were pieced together. However, there is a limited understanding why a young man could have decided to segregate himself from the rest of the society to lead a solitary life in the wilderness and died in the end.

Sound Track: The sound-track in the movie is melancholic with songs of encouragement and acts of courage at the end of the trail. The entire movie is a suffering sojourn drawing dejection and encouragement at the same time. The language of the cast depicted a sad and self evaluation tone as to what could have happened at the family setting, at the college and with associations that forced McCandless to separate himself from the rest to live in the wilderness.

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